Political Notes (PDF Book)

Political Notes (PDF Book)

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This is the complete book Political Notes in PDF format. Serving as the sequel to Isolation Moderation, it is an innovative guidebook on domestic policy ideas for Nations to implement to achieve long-term prosperity, at all levels of government.

The topics covered in this book include: infrastructure, education, higher education, military & security, labor, agriculture, transportation, healthcare, economics, government, congressional system, and law.

Political Notes was developed with more than 10 years of research, and all of the ideas within this book were carefully reviewed by a team of policy analysts.

The book includes over 100 different policy ideas, several captivating illustrations, philosophical wisdom, and a system for creating a more efficient and ideal form of government. 

Some of these ideas include:

- A world-class education system with a series of educational options for students to choose from, which include: Social Schools, School of Academics, independent schools, and a Library Program 
- A national reforestation plan to promote environmental preservation and create new agricultural jobs
- The division of local governments into smaller, more autonomous areas such as Sub-Cities, Residence Communities, and Agricultural Districts
- A healthcare system that provides local General Hospitals, Mental Hospitals, Veterans Homes, and Health Centers for all citizens 
- A federally-managed labor program that provides jobs in key industries (i.e., manufacturing, construction, agriculture) to develop a prosperous economy 
- The organization of the national military into 5 distinct branches: the Grand Army, Marine Legion, Naval Corps, Air Corps, and Submarine Corps
- The implementation of a progressive Annual General Tax, an emergency tax on the wealthy, and a pension tax

This is the most affordable version of the book available; it is perfect for those on a budget or those who prefer to read digital books on their tablet or cell phone.

Political Notes is an interesting and helpful guide for not only policy makers and government officials, but also for all citizens. After reading this book, everyone will be able to form their own view of the society in which they want to live and be able to hold discussions on various socio-economic aspects, such as medicine, education, or economics.
Anastasia Shorshina, Analyst, Moscow, Russia
This book demonstrates the versatility of the author and the team of policy research analysts to propose and develop ideas that seek to benefit the world's current political structure. As a citizen currently living in a developing country with significant corruption issues, incompenent leadership, and bureaucratic setbacks, this book's outlook on proper infrastructure and urban policy would benefit third world countries and make significant changes in achieving economic prosperity and improving the quality of life.

Juan Carlos Eusebio, Political Analyst, Manila, Philippines
I was extremely pleased with the book Political Notes, which includes several interpretations for modern society. This work in my opinion functions as a political philosophy with many complementary texts in different fields, such as education, healthcare, the economy, and agriculture. This book focuses on infrastructural and educational reforms, which can create a modern ecosystem that touches the fundamental problems of our environment and gives suitable solutions.

Ivan Delic, Public relations specialist, Zagreb, Croatia
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