Customer Reviews


“I really liked Isolation Moderation’s mission to make international affairs work better by putting into practice the author’s experience in the field to give clever suggestions, supporting his thesis with historical evidences. The ideas provided are very interesting and I strongly believe that the world’s leaders should consider them in order to build a stronger idea of nation.”

— Martina R., Copywriter, Milan, Italy

“A must read for all rational people. Urging readers to think critically, Windslor does an excellent job making the case for the decentralization of government. Throughout this engrossing and in-depth book, Windslor carefully strings together many hot topics in today’s political climate such as visas and illegal immigration, tariffs, military relations and alliances, and capitalism to construct a balanced and neutral view of today’s international relations world. Using recent examples such as Brexit and the European Union, and examples from ancient times such as the Roman Empire, Windslor delivers a well written, all-encompassing book that explains his ideas in such a way anybody can understand.”

— Ricardo Lopez, PhD Economist, Boston, Massachusetts

“This book will interest every individual who wishes to know more or understand better the political situation of the world. Although it is a quick read, it is enormously informative. The writer begins this book with a clear announcement saying that the book is meant to break down the complexity of international relations and to make many old and new ideologies understandable to different people despite their educational level. The book’s introduction sums everything up and encourages the reader to dive in the book. The author divides the book into five well-explained parts that present actual-world problems that countries have failed to solve for years and he suggests reasonable solutions for each. The reader will be surprised with how realistic the given problems and their examples are, and with how doable the proposed solutions could be.”

— Nour H., Trainer and Content Creator, Gaza, Palestinian Territories

Isolation Moderation is the perfect book for anyone who wishes to understand and deepen in international relations and how countries should (and shouldn’t) interact. It’s simple, straightforward and highly educational without being dull at all. As it includes examples from modern history, it helps to better understand the topics explained throughout the chapters. When I read it, I felt like the author was sitting right next to me, explaining everything. I think the tone the book conveys is very neutral and anyone (literally anyone) can enjoy it, despite their political preference.”

— Maria Muzzachiodi, Teacher, Paraná, Argentina

“After the end of the Cold War, the globalized international system is changing again today. Because of the problems that globalization has not solved, politicians who are advocating more nationalist policies in many countries, including the great powers, have come into power. Now, when a normal ordinary person looks at world politics, it is hard to understand. This book presents a new roadmap for countries’ national defenses in today’s world so that anyone interested in these issues can understand. In order to adapt to today’s changing conditions and to make an effective national defense, it is emphasized that countries should first strengthen their national borders and the country within these borders should focus on their own defense. The book also deals with border security. In fact, border security has become important not only for the defense of the country but also for a more controlled process against the increasing refugee problem.”

— Tanzer Gozutok, Air Force Colonel (Retired), Ankara, Turkey

"I really enjoyed reading this book. It provides not only a different view about political matters but also the positive solutions for those in today's world. There are so many books out there that criticized how bad the world's systems have been; Isolation Moderation is not one of them—it is way more practical and helpful. The positive and moderate approach is what this book all about. It provides peaceful and effective solutions for many critical matters that every nation, and the world in general, is facing peace, economy, security and social affairs; and especially how they can actually work together. It is easy to read and absorb since it is written by very simple terms that the majority will understand."

— Vy Dang, International Relations student, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

“This book talks about the concept of moderate isolationism and proposes methods or rather opinions on the behaviors the nations of the modern world should adopt. This political philosophy allows readers to have a sense of global problems and to reinforce their own ideas. I enjoyed reading this book and I really appreciated that it is understandable even for people that are not as knowledgeable about politics; it allows us to have another perspective on the foreign affairs of the modern world. Excellent work by the author which defines the main issues and solutions of today’s world.”

— Jean G., International Consultant, Fort Lauderdale, United States

Isolation Moderation shows a detailed oriented and structured path providing clear instructions able to trespass intercultural barriers, and where the common aspects of all nations are considered in order to achieve a positive difference in the economic health of a country, without endangering its identity or taking unnecessary risks that would place the control of wealth generation in foreign hands. I highly recommend its reading and discussion as an alternative instructional material.”

— Angela Reyna, International BA Entrepreneur, Panama City, Panama

"I really enjoyed reading this book and learned a lot from it. The political issues described, along with the solutions that accompany them, are matters that you do not really consider in ordinary life. Isolation Moderation delivers these solutions in a positive way and provides peaceful and effective solutions to the very important issues that affect every country. It is easy to immerse yourself in this book because it is written in a very pleasant way (which is why I read certain chapters several times). Even for people who are not normally interested in politics, I still recommend reading this book, because of its simplicity and the interesting issues that are presented."

— Stefan van Neijhof, Writer, Rotterdam, the Netherlands