We are currently looking to expand our book reader base and learn more about our market. This contest was created to generate awareness and build a community. It is ideal for those who like to read political books and learn about ways to improve the world. To participate, you will be required to read our political book (less than 100 pages) and provide written feedback. The book can be ordered directly from our website. The PDF version is the cheapest at $3.99.

The best feedback that we receive will receive a $50 gift card to any place of your choice. In total, there will be six winners during this contest.

We also may decide to offer several smaller prizes if this contest becomes popular.

Additionally, EVERYONE who participates in this contest will receive a FREE gift at the end.

Here are the rules:


1) You must order the product directly from our website, NOT on Amazon or anywhere else. We need to have a record of who ordered the book, as well as having a valid email address to send you updates.


2) This contest shall run from July 21, 2021 until August 22, 2021. The results of this contest, including the winners and information on prizes shall be sent by email the first week of September.


3) The written feedback that we receive must be sent to our website through the contact form. Our organization will review all feedback received and determine who the winners will be. Those most likely to win will be the people who provide the most value and insight.


4) This contest will fall under the laws of the state of California.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in participating, you are more than welcome to invite them to participate. You can also like or share our page on social media.


Feel free to respond here with any questions that you may have.


Thank you