Political Notes (Author Autographed Paperback)

Political Notes (Author Autographed Paperback)

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This is a paperback copy of Political Notes, autographed with a personalized note from the author. This is the best product for committed supporters of the IM Movement.

Serving as the sequel to Isolation Moderation, it is an innovative guidebook on domestic policy ideas for Nations to implement to achieve long-term prosperity, at all levels of government.

The topics covered in this book include: infrastructure, education, higher education, military & security, labor, agriculture, transportation, healthcare, economics, government, congressional system, and law.

Political Notes was developed with more than 10 years of research, and all of the ideas within this book were carefully reviewed by a team of policy analysts.

The book includes over 100 different policy ideas, several captivating illustrations, philosophical wisdom, and a system for creating a more efficient and ideal form of government. 

Please allow several weeks for the book to arrive after ordering. A FREE PDF version of the book is included with this purchase. 

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