Political Notes (Paperback)

Political Notes (Paperback)

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This is the complete paperback version of Political Notes. Serving as the sequel to Isolation Moderation, it is an innovative guidebook on domestic policy ideas for Nations to implement to achieve long-term prosperity, at all levels of government. 

The topics covered in this book include: infrastructure, education, higher education, military & security, labor, agriculture, transportation, healthcare, economics, government, congressional system, and law.

Political Notes was developed with more than 10 years of research, and all of the ideas within this book were carefully reviewed by a team of policy analysts.

The book includes over 100 different policy ideas, several captivating illustrations, philosophical wisdom, and a system for creating a more efficient and ideal form of government. 

Some of these ideas include:

- A world-class education system with a series of educational options for students to choose from, which include: Social Schools, School of Academics, independent schools, and a Library Program 
- A national reforestation plan to promote environmental preservation and create new agricultural jobs
- The division of local governments into smaller, more autonomous areas such as Sub-Cities, Residence Communities, and Agricultural Districts
- A healthcare system that provides local General Hospitals, Mental Hospitals, Veterans Homes, and Health Centers for all citizens 
- A federally-managed labor program that provides jobs in key industries (i.e., manufacturing, construction, agriculture) to develop a prosperous economy 
- The organization of the national military into 5 distinct branches: the Grand Army, Marine Legion, Naval Corps, Air Corps, and Submarine Corps
- The implementation of a progressive Annual General Tax, an emergency tax on the wealthy, and a pension tax

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Political Notes is an informative and inspiring book. It takes the essence of different political systems around the globe to create a realistic utopia. This book is easy to read, thought-provoking, and makes you feel included regardless of your personality, nationality, educational background, or political preference.
Chang Zhao, Teacher, Beijing, China
This book was thought-provoking the minute I started reading it. Policies such as early learning publications and the Library Program that were discussed in the education section were well thought. These views are likely to be very agreeable with students, parents, and schools. Furthermore, this book covers nearly all parts of our modern social system and offers many insightful approaches including desalinization, rainwater harvesting, medical savings accounts, a weekly 'Walking Day', and an emergency tax on the wealthy. I believe both younger and older audiences can gain plenty of knowledge from this book.

Jisung Kim, Linguist, South Korea

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